Lets Have a Cook of Double Cheese Burger

Make the patties: Combine the hamburger, garlic, breadcrumbs, egg and preparing. Blend until simply joined. With wet hands, structure the blend into 8 burger patties. Spot on a material fixed cutting board and spread with saran wrap. The patties can be made as long as a day ahead of time and kept shrouded in the cooler.

Lets Have a Cook of Double Cheese Burger

Make the whiskey treating sauce: Combine the ketchup, worcestershire sauce, earthy colored sugar, paprika and whiskey in a little pan. Set over medium warmth and permit to bring to a stew. Cook for 5 minutes at that point expel from the warmth and permit to cool.

(Discretionary) Make caramelized onions: Thinly cut the onions. Warmth a sprinkle of oil in a huge dish set over medium warmth. Include the onions and fry until they begin to mollify and turn brilliant (around 15 minutes). Include the sugar and Balsamic and cook for an additional 10 minutes, mixing routinely to keep the onions from consuming. Expel from the warmth and put in a safe spot.

Cook the burgers: Heat a flame broil dish or open air barbecue at that point cook the burgers for two minutes for every side at that point treat with the Bourbon-seasoning sauce and cook until caramelized and cooked to your inclination. Expel from the warmth and permit to rest for a couple of moments. Toast the buns while the burgers are resting.

Collect and serve: Top the toasted buns with lettuce, burger patties, cheddar and cut tomato. Serve right away.

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