Recipes to Cook Shrimp and Grits

Make the corn meal: Heat chicken stock (or water) in a profound pot with a spot of salt. Whisk the corn meal (or polenta/pap) into the stewing stock until it begins thickening. Cover and lessen the warmth and permit to cook for 20 minutes over medium-low warmth. Following 20 minutes, mix in the spread and Parmesan.

Season to taste at that point turn the warmth right down, cover and permit to steam for an additional 20 minutes until completely cooked.

Cook the shrimp: Chop the bacon at that point cook in a warm skillet until fresh and brilliant. Expel the bacon with an opened spoon, abandoning the bacon fat. Season the shrimp with the cajun preparing and a spot of salt and cook in the bacon fat until brilliant earthy colored on the two sides. Expel and put in a safe spot.

Include the bacon and corn once again into the dish with the garlic and cook for a couple of moments. Pour in the cream and lemon squeeze at that point stew until the sauce covers the rear of a spoon. Season with salt and pepper.

Serve: Spoon the corn meal into bowls at that point include the shrimp. Enhancement with spring onion and parsley and serve.

Would i be able to MAKE THIS AHEAD?

Shrimp and corn meal is best served promptly yet the corn meal can be concocted to a couple of hours ahead of time. Warm and mix in a little cream or stock until the corn meal are the consistency you like.

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