Egg And Tomatoes Delicious Dish Making

Egg And Tomatoes Delicious Dish Making, We Filipinos typically have a substantial breakfast. This is the thing that I have experience as far back as when I was a child and as of not long ago. What’s more, this is the most significant dinner that you ought not miss. This dish I made is basic and simple to cook and best served for breakfast.Egg And Tomatoes Delicious Dish Making


6 pcs. eggs

2 stalks of spring onion, cut at any rate 2 inches

1 medium shallot, cut

2 crisp tomatoes, cut

salt and run of ground pepper

vegetable oil

Wash and cut tomatoes, shallot, and spring onion. Put in a safe spot

Beat eggs in a medium speed utilizing whisk or fork in a bowl and include salt and run of ground pepper.

Warmth wok with a cooking oil. Sautéed food shallot, tomatoes, and spring onion. Extra beaten eggs and blend completely.

Serve while its hot with rice or bread.

Cooking Tips:

You can add on cheddar , chime pepper, or stew to make it a zesty.

Try not to overcook eggs and every one of the fixings.

You can add on ham, hotdogs, or cut of lean pork.

You can substitute with asparagus.

Be innovative enough of including vegetables thus the kids urge to eat it.

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