How Fry a Fish Tasty and Delicious

Champorado is a variety of the lugaw formula, with the essential expansion of Filipino chocolate, and now and then coconut milk to upgrade its flavor. It is regularly presented with a fixing of dense milk and appreciated with dried salted fish. It is so natural to get ready: simply bubble water, include table and rice and mix until cooked.

How Fry a Fish Tasty and Delicious


Pancit palabok is a variety of noodle dish with shrimp sauce that is topped with a few fixings. Extra parts incorporate cooked shrimp, squid rings, spring onions, squashed chicharon, tinapa pieces, thus some more. While it is now and then piece of a major dining experience like ordinary Filipino social occasions, for example, holidays and birthday festivities, pancit palabok is additionally a well known decision for merienda.

A straightforward method to treat hunger during merienda time is a pack of wafers that come in various flavors. Great servings incorporate Sky Flakes, Butter Coconut, and Rebisco Crackers that come in various varieties, for example, garlic, cream, and chocolate. Wafers are regularly accessible at a local sari-sari store and can without much of a stretch be combined with a soda pop or cold water.

Banana is inexhaustible in the Philippines, so it’s not amazing to discover a few renditions of banana treats for merienda. One well known decision is banana signal, which is made of pan fried saba assortment and covered in sugar. Different forms are turon (banana enveloped by spring move wrapper and seared), ginanggang (cooked bananas and covered with margarine and sprinkled with sugar), and pinaypay (cut ready bananas covered with flour and southern style). However, on the off chance that you lean toward not seared, bubbled bananas, generally unripe, dunked in bagoong, and red pepper, is additionally a mouth-watering merienda alternative.


You’ll never get ravenous during merienda time in the Philippines as you’ll have a lot of alternatives to attempt to appreciate. A large portion of the decisions are exquisite, and it is ideal to attempt them all before staying with your favored decision.

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