How to make Paksiw Na Galunggong Sa Santol

Sandoricum koetjape or santol in the Philippines is a tropical organic product developed in Southeast Asia. It contains nutrients B and C gives mending capacities and avert cardiovascular sickness, strokes, and malignant growth, folate that diminishes danger of birth imperfections and lifts digestion. How to make Paksiw Na Galunggong Sa Santol

As a fixing, it is renowned when cooked as ginataang santol. This formula however utilizes this organic product as an added substance to blackfin sweep or galunggong cooked in vinegar, privately called paksiw.


1 kilo galunggong fish

3-4 pcs santol

1 onion, cleaved

3 cloves garlic, minced

2 thumbsized ginger, cut and squashed

3 siling haba (finger bean stews)

2 tbsp vinegar

1 cup water

Salt and pepper, to taste

Banana leaves for wrapping (Optional)

Cooking directions

Strip the santol, the make some befuddle cuts, at that point you might possibly evacuate the seeds.

In a container or pot, put the fish and every one of the fixings together.

Spread and let cook for around 15 minutes or until the water is diminished. Alter the taste with salt and pepper

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