Lets Try these 7 Classic Filipino Merienda Treats

One of Spain’s enduring inheritance in the Philippine nourishment scene is merienda, a light single dish early in the day or mid-evening nibble.

Not at all like the full suppers served during breakfast, merienda fills in as a short, frequently sweet, break in the middle of full dinners. Filipinos have acquired this light nibble from their Spanish colonizers, albeit such dinners are normal in different places on the planet. It is additionally regularly polished in Italy and other southern European nations.

Despite the fact that the Philippines has picked up its autonomy from Spain in excess of a hundred years back, the Spanish merienda heritage keeps on living on. Merienda is eaten two times per day — among breakfast and lunch, and among lunch and dinner.

The one of a kind dishes filled in as early in the day, or mid-evening snacks are regularly impacted by area, where there is a wealth of specific fixings or climate designs. For instance, container de sal with cold lemonade serves well in a blistering evening while champorado or pancit mami is fantastic on a blustery day.

Here are the absolute most well known merienda dishes from different pieces of the Philippines.

Banana is inexhaustible in the Philippines, so it’s not astounding to discover a few forms of banana treats for merienda. One well known decision is banana signal, which is made of broiled saba assortment and covered in sugar. Different forms are turon (banana enclosed by spring move wrapper and seared), ginanggang (cooked bananas and covered with margarine and sprinkled with sugar), and pinaypay (cut ready bananas covered with flour and pan fried). Be that as it may, on the off chance that you lean toward not singed, bubbled bananas, generally unripe, plunged in bagoong, and red pepper, is additionally a mouth-watering merienda alternative.


You’ll never get eager during merienda time in the Philippines as you’ll have a lot of choices to attempt to appreciate. The vast majority of the decisions are flavorful, and it is ideal to attempt them all before staying with your favored decision.

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