Very Easy to make Spare Ribs Soup And Pechay

Very Easy to make Spare Ribs Soup And Pechay

This kind of soup I cooked is in a perfect world served for lunch or supper; most particularly during stormy season or cool places that makes your body hotter. This is additionally a transitory alleviation of cold and furthermore regardless of whether you are wiped out, this soup can enable you to recuperate from that debilitated inclination.


1 lb pork spareribs, cut into part

1 major white onion, cut


5 pcs peppercorn

run of salt

2 tbsp. fish sauce

Cooking Procedure:

Wash pechay appropriately and put in a safe spot.

In a profound dish, saute pork spareribs and cut onion. Blend always until pork change to browny.

Include 2 cups of bubbling water and peppercorn, spread with top and stew for around 1 and 1/2 hours or more until the pork spareribs are delicate.

Include pechay and season with salt and fish sauce. Stew them for an additional 1 moment.

Present with rice while still hot.

Cooking Tips:

Extra potato, tomato, beans, cabbage, carrot, turnip, yam, or any green verdant vegetables.

For sharp taste or we called it sinigang, you can include sampalok, or sa bayabas or gabi ( yam). It is up to you, its your decision.

Don’t over cook green verdant vegetables.

Another expression for pechay: chinese cabbage, pak choi..

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