How to Make Curry Chicken With Potato And Carrot

How to Make Curry Chicken With Potato And Carrot

There are numerous varieties of curry in spite of the fact that its starting points can be followed to Indian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, Thai and other Southeast Asian cooking styles. They accompany different fixings such meat, poultry and fish, joined with vegetables, outstandingly for those delegated vegan curry dishes.How to Make Curry Chicken With Potato And Carrot

Filipino curry dish regularly has pork or chicken, alongside different fixings usually found in indulgences, for example, adobo and caldereta. They are frequently joined with lemongrass, potato and coconut milk.


1 kl. chicken cut into pieces

2 carrots cut into a major square

2 pcs potato cut into huge square

1 white onion, minced

2 gloves of garlic, minced

3 tbsp curry glue

2 cut of ginger

1 tin coconut milk

2 tbsp vegetable oil

Salt and white pepper powder


Strip and cut carrots and potatoes.

Cut and wash chicken altogether and channel.

In a huge skillet, heat oil and sautee minced onion, cut ginger and minced garlic.

Include chicken and mix it until it’s turned into somewhat darker. Include carrots and potato’s. Spread and let it stew in a low warmth.

Get 1 bowl of water and blend with curry glue. Transform the fire into a medium warmth and pour the curry blend. Stew around 10 minutes.

Open the cover, pour the coconut milk and stew it around 2-3 minutes until everything is well-cook.

Add salt and pepper to taste.

Serve it while it’s hot with rice or nan bread.

Cooking Tips:

You can include lemon grass, cove leaf’s, chime pepper, coriander or any species leaf.

Try not to overcook coconut milk.

Marinate chicken for around 15 minutes ( light soy sauce, sugar, and corn starch).


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