How to Put Full/ LONG Video in Whatsapp Status

How to put full/long video in whatsapp is an interesting question, that if addressed with proper approach can be answered. Today, most of the mobile users access the internet using their phones or any other portable devices like iPod, iPad etc. In order to stay connected to their loved ones, people use different web applications, social networking sites like twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn etc. Now a days, videos are also widely used for the purpose of communication. So, you might be wondering how to upload long videos in whatsapp and get acceptable results.

How to Put FullLong Video in Whatsapp Status

The answer lies in the’mimicry’ theory; every image, picture or video of your desktop, laptop, cell phone or another device has been recorded by the device for the purpose of keeping the memory clear and free from any kind of errors. Similarly, the same images and videos are available on the net as mms, rss feeds and pdfs etc. All these pictures and videos are easily accessible for the purpose of viewing them on the internet via your web browser. However, if you want to upload long videos in your whatsapp account, then it becomes absolutely imperative for you to use appropriate file extension for uploading the same. That is’mms’, ‘jpg’,’mpeg’ etc.

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If you want to upload long messages in your whatsapp status, then you have to make sure that the file type is also correct. Usually, internet users utilize word or text format to share long videos and images on the net. But, using this method, one cannot ensure quality video and images without using some advanced tools.

Advancement in technology has given birth to amazing tools such as’mms’ and ‘rss feeds’. These are very useful when you want to share long messages with your friends and loved ones across the globe. By adding this type of file extension to your long whatsapp status message, you can easily add streaming video to your long messages. You just need to select this option from the options provided when you set your personal message. And yes, by adding this extension to your long message, you can share videos and pictures of your family, friends and other contacts.

Another method by which you can put full/long video in your long whatsapp status message is to use proprietary video players such as’mplayer’ and ‘flash’. While using these players, you have to select the option to include video output. Similarly, you can also plug in audio files to add voice notes to your messages. These advanced methodologies allow you to stream music and videos to your whatsapp messages seamlessly.

How to Put Full/ LONG Video in Whatsapp Status

The final step that teaches how to upload full video on whatsapp is by using an online server provided by videos websites. After following the given instructions, you have to register an account with such websites. Provide all necessary details such as your username, secret question and answers and so on. Once you successfully registered, login to access your personal account. You have to click on the’uploading movies’tab before you are able to start uploading videos. When you click on the option to upload video, you are asked to choose from various video formats such as mp4, mov, wmv, flv etc.

Following the above mentioned procedure, you will be able to upload your own message and share videos and pictures with your friends across the globe instantly. You can also upload your long messages and share the same with your friends on this platform. In fact, long video messages or movies are easier to upload than text documents. The uploading process of long messages can take around 10 secs depending upon the quality of the video and the internet connection speed. Also make sure that your computer has all the required software installed to upload files effectively.

On a last note, if you are looking to upload long video messages or movies using this service, remember to turn off your mobile phone before you connect to the MMS service. Turn off your mobile data network and do not use any application that uses the data connection while uploading long messages or movies. Finally, set long videos files to offline mode when you are not online. MMS functions by sending short stream of multimedia message to the receiver. This feature helps you avoid wasting battery power and keeps your device safe from being tampered with even when you are not in your usual location.

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